About the Client

Naturxan (pronounced "ney-cher-zan"), a joint venture between the Archer Daniels Midland Company and Igene, is the world’s leading provider of naturally-sourced astaxanthin made from Phaffia yeast, serving customers large and small in major aquaculture markets around the globe for more than a decade. With customers in more than a dozen countries, Naturxan continues to meet worldwide demand for naturally-sourced astaxanthin for use in both specialty and commercial-scale feed and fishing operations.

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The Team

  • Brand Strategist, Web and Graphic Designer, Web Developer: G. Scott Shaw
  • Naturxan CEO: Rick Grelewicz
  • Web and Graphic Designer: David Schoenecker
  • Logo Designer and Illustrator: Eric Cerda
  • Illustrator and Flash Animator: Dominic Maschler
  • Web Developer: David Beuving
  • Content Manager: Michael Garvey