Enter Your Best Websites - Discover the Benefits of Participation

Everyone who enters the WebAwards benefits. All entries will receive:

Criteria scoring – You will receive feedback in the form of the average scores on each of the seven judging criteria for your Web site as well as your final score. See the sample at the bottom of this page.


If your Web site is selected as a winner, you will also benefit from the following:

Custom Trophy or certificate – Best of Industry winners receive a handsome trophy. Representing sculptural art with our iconic W in a flame motif, our new trophy is a symbol of achievement for our industry. Outstanding Website and Standard of Excellence Winners receive a personalized WebAward Certificate of Achievement recognizing your accomplishment. Additional awards can be ordered to reward individual team members and clients.

Winners page – To highlight your WebAward, we will create an online award page on our site dedicated to your award including the individual contributors submitted on the entry form. This page will help SEO efforts of both your company and the winning website. While most awards have you link to their homepage which benefits them, a personalized winners page benefits you.

Press release posting – We will post your press release in our Online Media Center. Again providing SEO benefits for your company.

AWAdb - If you are an agency that creates websites for others, you will be listed in the new Award Winning Agency Database. This new website is a resource that can help in your new business development efforts as well as SEO.

An exceptional marketing opportunity – There are hundreds of ways to promote your winning a WebAward in sales materials, presentations, catalogs, press releases and on your Web site. See our Buzz page for more ideas.

Proof that your work meets or exceeds industry standards - A WebAward is like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval or Motor Trend Car of the Year. It demonstrates to the world that the highest standards have been met for your Web site. There is no better way to demonstrate your professionalism to clients or senior management.

Resume highlight – There are personal benefits to being recognized as an award winner when it comes to review time or when looking for a new job.

The bottom line is that by participating in the WebAwards, you know there is payback for your marketing dollars spent and winning an award will help you differentiate yourself from your competition.

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The following is an example of the some of the feedback that you may receive as a WebAward participant.

Example Intranet Category: Intranet

Benchmark data - You will be able to compare your scores with other best of the web entries entered in your category. This data is a quantifiable benchmark data for the state of Web site development in your industry.

Criteria Your Score Industry Average WebAward Avg
Design 8.5 6.9 7.5
Innovation 9.5 6.1 6.9
Content 9.5 7.0 7.8
Technology 8.5 6.2 7.1
Interactivity 10.0 6.1 7.2
Copywriting 8.0 6.8 7.6
Ease of use 8.5 6.9 7.5
Overall Score 62.5 46.0 51.6


Judges comments – While not every site will receive specific comments from the judges, our judges are encouraged to provide valuable comments to help your future development efforts and to provide additional insight into why certain scores were received. These comments are released only to the nominator and you can choose to use them as part of your marketing efforts or just for guidance for future development.