About the Agency

Established in February 2013, Nixa is a digital strategy, web development, application development, software development and content architecture firm. Headquartered in Montreal with locations in New York and Philadelphia, Nixa's teams are made up of a core group of skilled associates from different fields and disciplines with a common goal: to make brands shine through a model that is flexible, transparent, innovative, honest, and above all, human.
Nixa offers a range of web, application and software development services. We are masters in digital brand transformation.

Nixa specializes in custom, complex web and app development all done in-house by our team of 30+ experienced developers in our Montreal office.

The Team

  • Lead Business Analyst: Abe Challah
  • Designer UX/UI: Jian Tang
  • Front-End Developer: Ilia Svinin
  • Back-End Developer: Laurent Miron, Alexis Mouloum, Karim Zakaria
  • System Administrator: Baptiste Walker
  • QA Specialist: Angie Beaudry
  • CEO & Account Manager: Marc F. Adam
  • Operation Manager: Mathilde Charbonneau