About the Agency

Art & Science is a digital agency unlike any other. We combine the creative inspiration of the artist with the analytic rigour of the scientist to produce campaigns, products and even new companies.

We’re smart, agile, and we generally kick a lot of ass.

The Team

  • President: Spencer Saunders
  • Vice President: Adam Green
  • Chief Creative Officer: Kirk Clyne
  • Chief Technical Officer: Tom Auger
  • Project Manager: Amanda Wright
  • Lead Designer & Illustrator: Alyssa George
  • Animator& Illustrator: Dylan Rozario
  • Developer: Jillian Wallace
  • Analytics: Stephen Mah
  • Project Coordinator: Natalia Ortiz
  • Character Illustrator: Suzy Malik / Light up the Sky
  • Copywriter: Jonathan Valelly

Art & Science