About the Agency

Freightopolis is a Montreal-based innovative freight shipping and management platform offering real-time quotes from hundreds of full truckload and LTL transport carriers. It serves manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, importers and other businesses that ship freight in Canada and across the Canada-US border.

Freightopolis customers get live competitive freight rates direct from transportation companies and tracking numbers for every shipment. The system automatically generates bills of lading, proofs of delivery and invoices. It also allows for uploading customs documentation. The owner and creative genius behind the idea is transportation industry veteran Jack Pollak, who has relentlessly worked to create the Freightopolis system since 2010, and launched it in the first quarter of 2013. Six months after launch Freightopolis is offering 4 million North American freight lanes and has engaged over 2,090 shippers and 330 transport carriers, small, medium and industry leading companies.

The Team

  • President and Founder: Jack Pollak
  • Chief Technology Officer: Chaim Stern
  • Chief Web Development Officer: Eric Beckwitt
  • Web Design, Programming & Online Strategy: Centauria
  • Director, Online Marketing: Zhenya Beck
  • Web Copy Writing: Holly Buchanan
  • Brand & Advertising Consulting: Roy H. Williams