About the Client

Since 1995 we had been traditional print publishers with our principal revenue generator being a multi-hundred page multi-award winning annual directory called The Workbook. In 1996 we became the first publisher in our industry to reproduce the directory on the web. In late 2008 we realized, for a variety of reasons, that the useful life of print directories was rapidly ending, so we decided to stop the print version with the 2009 edition. The challenge was how to keep all that we had built and not loose our core product, its design and main revenue stream. Ultimately, the only thing we changed was to stop printing and invent a new content PDF publishing and delivery system based on our website which we call the Do-It-Yourself Workbook, our industry’s first on-line, print directory. micePLACES.com's unique DIY Workbook tool is powered by Silver Bullet Solutions' myBinder. SBS is a division of I&MI Media www.silverb.biz and is offering this SAAS functionality to publishers, associations and web based information providers.

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The Team

  • Idea Man: Bill LaViolette, I&MI Media
  • Software Developer: Rick Deveau, Liberated Networks
  • Designer: Vijay Kumar, DV Creative
  • Designer: Bill LaViolette, Jr., Words&Pictures
  • Site Manager: Martina Warter