2005 is just getting started and things are looking pretty good.  Online advertising spending is up and soon will overtake radio in terms of ad dollars.  Web site development is strong as companies and other organizations are now beginning to grow their web efforts as ROI, once elusive, is now measurable and sustainable.

The Web Marketing Association is looking forward to a number of improvements to its award programs this year as well.  Last month, we launch the 2005 Internet Advertising Competition Awards (www.iacaward.org) with a host of new industries and a simplification of ad mediums based on feedback from past participants and judges. Next month, the Interactive Investor Relations Awards will kick off (www.iiraward.org), and then in April it's time for the 9th annual WebAward Competition for Web site development. All in all, that's a lot of opportunity to showcase your award winning work.

In addition to our existing competitions that you look forward to each year, we are looking to add several new programs to help you promote your award winning online efforts. Some may be as simple as allowing you to select how much email you receive from the Web Marketing Association - a program we began last year. We are even working on a new award competition that will be unlike any other award competition available today. 

The one area that we can really use your help is getting the word out about our award programs.  We all know the power of viral marketing and you can do your part in making our competitions bigger and better each year by telling all of your friends, co-workers, peers - anyone that is involved in online advertising or web development - about the Web Marketing Association.  We are a volunteer organization and you can help by spreading the word and getting more people to join our mailing list.

You can start by forwarding this newsletter to several people and suggesting they sign up to receive it themselves.  They can do so at www.webmarketingassociation.org/subscribe.asp

Have a great year and good luck with your award winning work!

Bill Rice
Web Marketing Association

Interactive Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards - 2005 Competition is now accepting entries.  There are a lot of changes so be sure to read the guidelines. Deadline for entry is January 31st.

WebAward Competition - The 9th annual WebAwards will begin accepting nominations in April. 

Interactive Investor Relations Awards -
2005 IIR Awards will begin excepting entries in February.

Strategies for Developing an award winning Association Web Site - Collaboration between an association and a top notch interactive firm can turn an informational only site into a dynamic industry portal.

Can content management affect ROI? - Genzyme achieves multi-million dollar return-on-investment using Stellent Universal Content Management to increase the ease and speed of creating uniform, branded Web sites.

Becoming an influential and trusted news source -- CNET News.com, a flagship of CNET Networks, is the leading online technology news site, providing readers with breaking news coverage, features and special reports exclusively for the World Wide Web.


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P.S. Help us to get the word out.  Please forward this newsletter to other Internet professionals you feel could benefit from its information.


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