About the Agency

The market for health care is shifting dramatically, requiring individual Americans to take a greater and more active role in the evaluation, purchase and utilization of health insurance benefits.

The HealthMarkets family of businesses help simplify the complexities of the American health care system. We combine experienced leadership and deep industry knowledge with innovative technology that we believe delivers a seamless customer experience and strong business results.

Our businesses offer unique capabilities and benefits to individuals and families, seniors, small business owners and their employees looking for affordable health and related insurance solutions that fit their distinct circumstances and budgets.

The Team

  • Lindsay Broe: Senior Marketing Coordinator
  • Josh Buckman: Copy Editor
  • Brian Cameron: Copywriter II
  • Misty Curtis: Content Marketing Manager
  • Cat Kirkpatrick: UI/UX Designer
  • Victor Nguyen: Senior Marketing Coordinator
  • David Peterson: Head of Marketing
  • Sandy Scott: Brand & Communications Manager

HealthMarkets, Inc.


United States