About the Agency

Sabre Hospitality Solutions leverages the strength and breadth of Sabre's technology, marketing and distribution tools to bring hotel suppliers a global end-to-end solution. Sabre Hospitality Solutions enables hoteliers to benefit from the streamlined integration of these innovative, comprehensive tools to help them increase revenues, identify savings and improve customer service.

The Team

  • Creative Director: Eric Reece
  • Lead Design: Lestari Hupudio
  • Lead Dev: Corey Reed
  • Front-end Developer: Justin Brooks
  • Project Manager: Marissa O'Donell
  • Post-launch Enhancements: Dallas Koncir
  • Network Engineer: Josh Thornton
  • Account Director: Amy Bryan
  • Account Manager: Amber Yothers
  • Account Web Designer: Kristen Carlson
  • Account Online Media Cordinator: Olga Marable
  • Account SEO/PPC: Phil Saraceno

Sabre Hospitality Solutions