About the Client

CPA Australia is one of the world's largest accounting bodies, with a membership of more than 139,000. Itbdigital.com features articles from Australia’s most-widely circulating monthly business magazine, INTHEBLACK. The magazine is published by ACP Magazines. Its editor is Mark Phillips; Deputy Editor Lynda Dugdale. Itbdigital.com is edited by Aeve Baldwin, CPA Australia.

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The Team

  • Founder: Simon van Wyk
  • Creative Director: Xander Black
  • Project Manager: Kristen Dodds, Claire Odden
  • Designer: Kylie Lovegrove
  • Lead Programmers: Melvyn Sembrano, Brad Garland
  • Publications Manager: Marina Williams
  • Project Editor: Carly Greenwood
  • Web Editor: Aeve Baldwin
  • Digital Publishing Manager: Natalie Buffett
  • Digital Business Analyst: Ashish Kapoor
  • Web Producer: Rachael Ferguson
  • Creative Director, ACP: Kate Barnett
  • EGM, CPA Australia: Lisa Carroll