The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2013 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Best Advocacy Website

There’s a stigma to lung cancer. Ask someone who has it, or has a loved one who’s been diagnosed. When you say “My mother has lung cancer” most people’s first response is “Did she smoke?” like they brought the disease on themselves. Lung cancer kills more Americans than the next three most deadly cancers combined (breast, prostate, colon). Yet, where are the ribbons? Where are the mustaches? Where is the celebrity support? Worse yet, where is the funding for a cure? While other cancers have seen significant research investment, and their respective mortality rates have decreased, lung cancer’s high mortality rate has barely moved in decades. The culprit is the stigma.
This website, as part of an integrated campaign to break the silence about lung cancer, required us to draw people into the educational content in a disarming and fresh fashion, because the stigma really means that people are not open to the topic at face value. To bring to light the absurdity of it all, we featured iconic characters that are themselves victims of quiet discrimination, so much so that some people may actually think they deserve to die (such as cat lovers, the tattooed, the smug and hipsters). Viewers were intrigued and as they scrolled, and more and more information about lung cancer was presented as they engaged with the site. For a disease that was previously dismissed because of stigma, the website design, user experience and content worked together to change long-held perceptions, one individual at a time.


Chief Creative Officer: Rich Kohnke
EVP, Strategy: Denise Kohnke
EVP, Director of Integrated Services: Megan Madsen
Associate Creative Director: Brett Lakanen
Creative Director: Jeremy Ampe
Creative Director, Writer: Pat Laughlin
VP, Communications Strategy: Dennis Jenders
Group Supervisor : Stephanie Schrandt
Art Director: Chelsea Atwell
Jon Wynveen: Lead Software Engineer




About the Agency:

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